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Join us via Zoom for our next meeting on
December 11th @ 7pm 
All meetings are held via ZOOM -

See the Meeting Schedule below for further instruction and additional dates.  

Volunteer Opportunities

Boosters Meeting Dates

September 11th 7:00 pm

October 9th 7:00 pm

November 13th 7:00 pm

December 11th 7:00 pm 

January 8th 7:00 pm

February 12th 7:00 pm

March 11th 7:00 pm

April 8th 7:00 pm

May 13th 7:00 pm

If you are interested in attending, please email Gayle Anderson by 3PM at She will send you the link, including the agenda, minutes from our last meeting, and the current financials.

Volunteer Opportunities


News & What's happening

Save the Date! 
The inaugural Golden Eagles Golf outing fundraiser will Tee off 7/22/2024.  Sponsor- Donate- Golf or join to eat. 
Click here to register 

Who We Are

HD Jacobs High School Athletic Boosters Club is a group of parents, staff and other interested parties whose mission is to enrich the Jacobs High School student athletes experiences and involve the local community through providing financial support for Jacobs High School athletics.

In addition to financial support, the Boosters Club recognizes that participation in high school athletics benefits everyone, and the Boosters Club promotes opportunities to build and strengthen relationships among all involved: the student body, the student athlete, Jacobs High School staff and coaches, the parents of our student athletes and the community at large.
Specifically, our bylaws state the following:

Section 1:
a. The purpose and intent of this Booster Club shall be to promote, support, encourage and financially assist the Athletic Department of H. D. Jacobs High School.
b. To generate public awareness of, and promote participation for the athletic programs of H. D. Jacobs High School, consistent with school policy.

We are an inclusive organization and do not charge dues to be a member of the athletic boosters. We do not discriminate nor exclude specific sports, coaches, parents, or staff from either attending our meetings, volunteering their time or awarding financial support.

However, we do have established procedures for funding requests and encourage, but not require, the requests to be routed through the varsity coach of the particular sport. Additionally, we will require the coaches requesting the funds to account for any fundraising done specifically by their sports coaches, student athletes, and/or parents and what the intention of the funding is to be assigned. All requests must use a specific form, which can be obtained upon request at a meeting or through email to the President or Treasurer. 

Join us at our next meeting to help support our athletics program!

The Board

President: Gayle Anderson

Vice President: Lori Weber

Secretary: Penny Jurzak

Treasurers: Leanne Farley & Michele Sanabria

The Committees

Fundraising: Beth Spieth / Gayle Anderson

Manpower & Communications: Lori Weber

Concessions (Purchasing): Lydia Gillus 

Concessions (Staffing): TBD

Spirit Wear: Beth Spieth

Team Parent: Diane Merlin

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